Just A Normal Day, My Kind of Normal

Thursday. Just a normal day, my kind of normal day. Waiting anxiously for him. Knowing, anticipating, expecting, difficulty breathing,   The door opens. I see his face, knowing exactly what that look means.   He stares through me as if I’m invisible, inhuman, bitch, whore, That’s what he says and I know, he’s right.  ... Continue Reading →

And that wraps it up!

January 28, 2018: Tomorrow I will____________. Tomorrow I will start a new week with a new outlook on life. January 29, 2018: What was your last major purchase? My car January 30, 2018: My house is a home because_______________. My house is a home because the people in it and the thankfulness I feel to... Continue Reading →

Life, Money, and Acceptance

January 20, 2018: I’m thankful for my ability to Empathize with others. I feel deeply for someone regardless if I’ve know them a short or long time. Part of my training and career is to become attuned to other’s words, body language, verbal cues, etc. Hearing people’s stories, histories, struggles, triumphs, goals, dreams, and aspirations... Continue Reading →

More Randomness for the New Year

January 11, 2018: What’s your favorite accessory? My favorite and NEW accessory is my wedding rings! January 12, 2018: What is making you mad? The weather! One day its below freeze, the following day is over 60, then back to 30 degrees again. January 13, 2018: What did you have for dinner today? Grilled veggies... Continue Reading →

Change, Favorites, and Kona

January 7, 2018: Can people change? Yes, I believe people can change. I wouldn’t be in my line of work if I believed otherwise. The better question is if a specific person WANTS to change. Until an individual wants to change they won’t. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of... Continue Reading →


I'm a couple days behind but here goes... January 5, 2018: What was the last major accomplishment you had? My last major accomplishment was completing my LCSW. It was hard work getting there, but I am so proud of how far I have come. I am thankful to all the people who helped and supported... Continue Reading →


January 4, 2018: What is your best memory of last year? 2017 was a big year for me. I was engaged at the end of 2016. I planned and pulled off a wedding in less than a year with the most beautiful venue! My mother and I worked very hard on it since we did... Continue Reading →


January 3, 2018: Are you content? The word "content" seems so blah. Like Eeyore, slowly moving through life "oh bother". I'm more than just content, I'm blessed! Just being content could get me stuck where I am and not be challenged to dream big. When I finish one task or goal, I'm always off to... Continue Reading →

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