Never Under Estimate the Power of Being a Kid

I’ve always felt called to make a difference and to be an advocate for others. Even as a very small child, I can remember mediating between disagreements within my family. On one particular occasion, two family members were having a disagreement. One of them tends to be short tempered (who we’ll call passionate) while the other is soft spoken. During the argument, Ms. Passionate ran out of the house to a place where she could be alone. Even as a kid, I knew where she would be. I chased after her. When I caught up with her, I began listening to her frustrations. I listened intently and with my little 8-year-old brain told her how much her sister loved her and so did I. After calming down and hugging me, we went back to the house, mended the relationship and all was well.

Its only after I became an adult that I realized how situations like this have impacted who I am today. It’s weird because I did not consciously think about what I did. I just did it.

After all of my mother’s years of prayers, God gave wisdom to a little 8-year-old girl. He gave her the love in her heart for her family and others. I can’t explain it even to this day what made me run after her or how I knew what to say or more importantly to just listen. All I know is that it came natural.

When people say, children can’t make a difference I challenge that notion. Children have such huge hearts. They believe in things adults can’t see or understand. They usually don’t see the world as broken or jaded. They see the world as a big place of amazing possibilities. I am far beyond blessed for having parents and a family that taught me to strive to be anything I want to be.

Do to others as you would have them do to you – Luke 6:31

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