You said it would be


You said it would be

Like before

You said I’d be

Normal again

How can that be?

Normal after

All of this

Normal is only

A word

A meaningless word

When you’ve

Been where I’ve been

Seen what I’ve seen

There’s no normal


Feeling the



Concrete underneath you

Sleeping with your back

To the wall

Constant sound, lights

Always feeling


On display

In a cage

Being told

When to eat

When to sleep

When to breathe

That’s my normal

WAS my normal

Will I ever Really

be Normal?

People tend to forget when someone has been incarcerated. “Lock them up and throw away the key”. How many times have you heard this? Incarceration of an offender does NOT prevent future criminals/crimes.

The majority of individuals who are incarcerated for non-violent crimes will reintegrate back into society. More correctional facilities need to offer services to assist with this including community coordination with housing options, employment, mental health treatment (low/no cost) and supports. Incarcerated individuals are someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, or friend. If we started treating them more like people we love, I believe we would be far better off, which would interpret to less crime and victimization.

For more information on the topic: <%22>

To see Correctional Facilities making a difference, Marion Correctional Institution:

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