New Year, New Plans

As I was browsing through Pinterest, I came upon prompts for 365 days of self-reflection. I decided to challenge myself towards positive self-reflection in 2018.

As we look around the world, we see some much sorrow, sadness, and pain. Some of which you may be experiencing yourself. I challenge you to answer these questions that I post either privately or by commenting to this post.

My goal is to post each answer to all 365 questions; however it may not be daily, you may notice several questions posted at a time. I hope you find this inspiring and challenge yourself to have a great 2018!

January 1, 2018: What is your number one goal this year?

Wow. Only 1 goal? I have never been one to make “New Years Resolutions” because I think people just say they have one and have no plan to commit to it. I do believe however in setting goals for yourself. This can be at the beginning of the year or ongoing. Don’t box yourself in! If you you didn’t meet the ONE goal you planned for yourself on January 1, set another one. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be “perfect” or what everyone else wants you to be. Be yourself. Love you for who you are.

Back to the original question. My number one goal. If I had to identify only one goal I wanted to accomplish this year, it would be to be a happier, healthier me.

With the holidays and all I had going on this past year, I let myself indulge in food and things that weren’t so healthy for me. Not only do I want to focus on eating better, taking care of my health, and exercising, more importantly, I want to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.

Sometimes we think if we are a specific size or number on the scale we will be happy and satisfied with ourselves, but I know better than to believe this. I know what’s most important is an attitude adjustment and not being so critical of myself. When I stop negative self talk and do the best I can, I feel more confident in my own skin.

Here’s to a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER 2018!!!


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