January 2, 2017: What are you grateful for?

There are so many things in which I am grateful and blessed beyond measure! I feel proud to have a loving and supportive family. In the past year, I got married and added more caring family members!

I’m grateful for a husband who works hard, all day, then gets called out and works just as hard the second shift.

I’m blessed to have a good job with benefits doing what I love. I’m blessed to be where I am in my career. Its been a long journey and its not finished yet!

Most importantly, I am blessed to the nth degree to have a mother who prayed FOR me and OVER me before I was even born. She loved me so much she made sure I had a great education not only in this life but for my spiritual life as well. She faithfully took me to church and prayed God would save me and use me. He answered her prayers. I am proud to have a sweet, gentle, God-fearing, giving, precious mother!

In my line of work, in all the sadness, hurt, anger, bitterness, resentment, and illness I see, I still see the good in people. I believe things can and will be differnt.

Jeremy Camp wrote a song with the lyrics “Lord give me your eyes so I can see”. I pray this prayer and I think he allows me to see the bad things of this world and still have faith and hope for a better tomorrow.  This may truly be the greatest gift I have been given.

I challenge you, even on your worst day look for something to be grateful for!



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