About Us

Be the Change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi

Hey, I’m Daphne! Being the change? What does this really mean? To me, it means empowering, supporting, inspiring, listening, educating, and simply loving others as they are, where they are. By profession, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Yet, I believe I was called to be a light in the darkness and a voice for the voiceless, far before I ever earned my degree. Our journey through life isn’t always easy, but God has given me grace to learn from my mistakes, my successes, as well as from others along the way. I have taken all these experiences, either positive or negative, and used them to fuel who I’ve become today.

This blog will be co-authored by an amazing friend of mine, LJ.

LJ and I have very different experiences. Our lives have taken different paths, yet together we have a passion. A passion to let people out there know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  If we could sum up what we hope to achieve with this blog, it would be to create a safe space to remove the fear from sharing your story, provide resources on crucial topics, and everything in between!

Speak Out 4 Change,

Daphne and LJ